Guardian Angel Trilogy

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Guardian Angel Trilogy

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One November day in the year 2087, everything was normal. The very next, ancient ships had descended from the sky and just like that, the definition of normal was forever changed. Following a massive war with aliens, there were only two governments left standing, the United States and Germany. In mere minutes of news coverage, we had answers to some of mankind's greatest mysteries. They left shortly after the rise of the Egyptian armies. They left so we would breed, expanding our population which would eventually be enslaved by them.
They walk like we do, but that's where the similarities end. Wrapped in a pasty gray skin, the pupils of their eyes burn with an amber-colored pigment that helps them deal with the rays of the sun, or so we're told. Their bones are translucent, which has been linked to their ability to heal quickly. Very quickly.
Sometimes not quickly enough, though. In other words, they die. Alicia is one of the finest soldiers we have left. Her ability to kill ancient warriors is uncanny, but her personal life is a mess.
Find out how our world ends. The Guardian Angel Trilogy includes all three books in the series at a deep discount!

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