The Truth About Smear Tests 'They' Don't Want You To Know

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The Truth About Smear Tests 'They' Don't Want You To Know

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With the advent of the Internet and the increasing access to once hidden away medical journals, women around the World are discovering for themselves the fact that incidence of Cervical Cancer is extremely rare. Rare enough for us to begin questioning why doctors and nurses insist on having intimate access to our genitals on a frequent, ongoing, (in many countries, annual) basis for our entire adult lives.
For the past thirty years, in every country, around the globe, when a women makes an appointment to see her doctor, no matter what she presents with, whether it be anxiety, depression, headaches, coughs and colds, or any other ailment, if she is ‘overdue’ for her smear, the first thing a doctor will want to do, is for her to remove her underwear in order for them to look inside her vagina for cancer.
What follows is just a few of these women’s accounts ..... Women who until now have had their comments and complaints scrubbed from many medical sites. Experiences effectively silenced. Silenced that is ... until now ...

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