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Llyn Llion Theory: On the Glaciation and Deglaciation of the Irish Sea, the Formation of Lynn Llion, its Catastrophic Bursting and the Forgotten Greatness of the Welsh, Irish, Cornish and Breton People

Length: 200 pages2 hours


Llyn Llion Theory is a new hypothesis that radically alters our perception of the last Ice Age and of the nature, culture and accomplishments of our early Ice Age ancestors. Evidence is outlined for a huge glacial lake within the Irish Sea Basin and for its dramatic bursting southwards. The resulting megadeluge is estimated to have killed 75% of the British–Irish Ice Age population of southwest Britain–southeast Ireland.

This is a technical paper designed for academics and students studying the glaciological, geophysical, geomorphic, geological, sedimentological, stratigraphical, archaeological, palaeontological, historical, theological, etymological and associated disciplines.

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