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The Divine Sacrifice (The Divine Series, #5)

Length: 554 pages9 hours


Gone for years, Zayle reappears with a cryptic message for his former Apprentice Chosen, Kade. All Zayle can reveal is that now is the time for Kade to seek the third book of the Ancients. The only problem is, the book that cannot be longer exists. 

With only a mysterious, thousand-year-old note in his own handwriting as a clue, Kade must set out on a quest that appears to be impossible. To make matters worse, Slade and the Naturalists draw closer with each passing day. The journey becomes more dangerous as a deadly new traveler joins the hunt.

Kade is not alone in this fight. Enemy turned ally, Morg plays a key role in ensuring Kade’s success as he searches for the next mysterious book. Unknown to Kade, his new trusted friend holds a secret that can change the balance of the future forever.

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