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An Unsuitable Entanglement

Length: 173 pages2 hours


Romance is not on the agenda for Alison Gray. The take-charge Guardian found her confidence shaken by the role she played to restore her beloved Order of time-traveling Guardians to its former honor. Now, armed with a list of names she paid a high price to obtain, all she cares about is finding the Guardians who have been unfairly banished and bring them home. For this she needs help...preferably from a trained Guardian. Instead, she gets Lord Percifield, a 19th century English peer who doesn't seem to have a serious bone in his admittedly splendid body.

Percy has worked hard to build a reputation as a gentleman without a care in the world. It suits his purpose to have the world think him a fool. But his cover may soon be blown to bits when he teams up on an adventure with a beautiful woman whose superior attitude tests his pride. It can only be described as an entirely unsuitable entanglement!

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