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Incubus Kiss

Length: 27 pages20 minutes


Incubus Kiss (Paranormal Adult Romance)

Luka is everyone’s sexual fantasy figure. Tonight he felt the ceremonial Call of a woman seeking revenge against the man she believed had wronged her. In other words, a typical evening. But there was nothing typical about the beautiful Jemma, who was lighting the final candle to Summon an Incubus. She demanded revenge. “Tucker is a homophobe,” she said, her voice filled with anger. “I want him to suffer humiliation, so I command you to seduce him—make him your unresisting bitch.”

The Incubus discovers Tucker is like Jemma. Both carry an unknown Supernatural heritage and their interactions with Luka will bring all three to new heights of passion and Power. In another time, the couple would have become Shamans. But waking these special abilities for two modern day humans in the middle of a lover’s quarrel could pose all sorts of danger to everyone around them. Can the sexy Incubus use his skills of seduction and ultimate lust to save them all? (A steamy Adults Only story featuring explicit supernatural sex with two mostly humans, initiated by the most erotic and sensual of the Fae. Luka requires the passion of others to survive, but pays in the currency of mind-blowing and extreme orgasms.)



I was nursing the last of my two drinks while I waited for the Incubus to return. All I could think about was what it would be like to be with him. What skill he must have in bed. I felt guilty—dirty. I wasn't focused on getting even with Tucker. Every time I closed my eyes, I would see those glowing red eyes spotted with pure white. I wondered what he would feel like underneath his clothes—what it would feel like to run my fingers through his thick chest hair. I sipped the last of my drink and realized my panties were damp.

I looked up and he was staring at me, standing outside of the Circle. He had changed clothes, and his eyes were exactly the same color as Tucker's. I felt a shiver of fear. “Did you steal his eyes?” I asked.

He grinned. “I'm an Incubus, not a Ghoul. I have no need to steal body parts—I am content to borrow them for a short time and help their owners fully enjoy them.”

“Can you change your appearance in other ways, too?”

He held still and suddenly Tucker was standing in front of me. He must have realized from my response this wasn't a good choice. He smiled and became Cary Grant. Then John Wayne. When he became Eddie Murphy, I started to laugh. “Can you go back to how you were when I Summoned you?” He nodded and once again he was the man I had been fantasizing about, his eyes redder than fresh blood. I studied him for a moment, and asked, “Is this your true form?”


I hated that question, since the answer was so complicated. I pumped up the charm factor and replied, “It is the face I see when I look in the mirror.” The best way to lie is to tell a truth. Just not the entire truth.

“And what is your name? I realize Incubus now sounds more like your title rather than your name.”

“Oh, knowing someone's true name gives you a certain Power over them, Jemma Mackenzie Farraday.” I moved a step closer to her as her eyebrows went up. “But you may call me Luka.” I noticed she had not asked me about Tucker, just as I had noticed her arousal and the echoes in her mind of what it would be like to be intimate with me.

Those fantasies told me she was not like Tucker. She wanted to be dominated the way no one would dominate her in the day or at her work. She wanted to give up all responsibility for her sexual desires. She wanted to be the innocent one, and blame the Big Bad Incubus. I enjoyed a sip of the scotch she had offered me and she drank half of hers in one swallow. Scotch should only be taken that way as self-medication. I took another step forward, giving my movement the slightest hint of menace. Her heart beat sped up.

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