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Tommy: The Best Ever: Mantle Baseball, #1

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Tommy Mantle has a legacy to uphold. Taught as a child by Mickey Mantle, Tommy has one goal in life; to be the first female player  for the Yankees. However, goals are often not as easy to achieve as one would think, and Tommy is about to get a lesson about the side of baseball nobody ever sees; jealousy, envy, and resentment against a player nobody even thinks should be in the game. You will see the worst side of professional sports, where managers and players alike conspire to disable the opposition so as to hold onto their league standing. At the same time, you'll see the  better side of the sport where dedication to a team and a love of the game prevails. You'll see the good natured ribbing players give each other to relieve tension, and the way they are forced to deal with overbearing management and sports writers who could care less about the game as long as they sell newspapers. Through it all, Tommy maintains the goal; to be the best ever.

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