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Length: 456 pages7 hours


In the engaging Sci-Fi book, Emerging, the reader will be led on an inspiring, and futuristic journey through the life of a young, but powerful heroine. The year is 2073, in a world with rapidly changing borders and alliances, young Sabine, a poor but determined Cambodian girl struggles to stay alive in an oppressive womens slave-camp. This is where she learns to go deep inside herself, and know her own divine soul, enabling her to emerge with infinite power. This book Emerging uses symbolism to represent the amazing power that is woman, and I believe it has great potential to engross readers in an epic tale that is both exciting and inspirational.
Sabine, sixteen years old and forced into growing up fast in a world with little sympathy, has learned mixed martial arts and Ninjitsu fighting styles to keep herself and her family alive. After a melee with brutal street thugs, she was taken in by a handsome, blue-eyed man who felt like the love of her life. Instead of breakfast in bed, she woke up tied down in a dark cell, while the whir of machines around her welcomed her to a forced-labor compound, a special hell just for women. Her captor's intent was to make her work as a high-priced sex toy, but she disabled her first male visitor in an attempt to flee the guarded facility. Sabine's attempts failed, both to escape the work camp, and to escape her addiction to powerful drugs. Yet in the oppressive confines of her dark reality, she met Kalianne, a skilled resistance fighter who helped Sabine rise from addiction and claim a unique power. Sabine invoked an ancient wisdom that enabled her to project a force large enough to defeat the twisted slave-camp leader, and a sinister magician, Kosal, who is bent on world domination. In her brief time on earth, Sabine got in touch with a tiny seed of truth within herself that grew to enormous proportions, and changed civilization in ways that the world's people had been hoping for.

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