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Secrets and Lies

Length: 313 pages4 hours


For reclusive rancher Jordan Chandler, life holds little meaning—until fate throws him a curve ball in the form of a raven-haired shrew with a temper to match. Secrets and Lies by Nancy Ann Rose is an action packed read that will keep you turning the pages of this contemporary, romantic suspense. Discover what happens when love is the best kept secret of all!

When Neave Sinclair flees unjust prosecution, she happens upon rancher Jordan Chandler, a man short on words and long on intimidation.

A tragic accident has left Jordan emotionally scarred and hiding from a past he can’t escape. But a traumatic past isn’t the only thing he’s hiding. The raven-haired spitfire with a heart of gold ignites a spark of hope and he is drawn to her strength, compassion, and wisecracking wit, which masks a soul in torment and elicits his protective instincts.

Neave is a romance novelist who ironically doesn’t believe in love or happily ever after. She is no stranger to loss and senses a kindred spirit in Jordan. His loyalty and dogged determination fuel a need her guarded heart yearns to embrace. But falling in love is a dangerous game of chance when the unresolved issues of his past threaten their relationship.

Sometimes things don't go as planned. And not all secrets are meant to be kept.

Content Notes: Spicy, Contemporary, Western, Romantic Suspense, Action, Adventure

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