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Ready For Training

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Losing your cherry to a Dom is only going to go one way! It was supposed to be a one-off to ensure her first time was enjoyable but there was no way Carrie could move on to boys after experiencing her step mum's boyfriend, Nick! But Nick didn't really want to. It wasn't that he didn't fancy the cute as hell 18 YO but he'd promised her stepmother! He also didn't believe she was ready. At 18 and a virgin only yesterday, how could she possibly be mature or strong enough to be a submissive? And how could such a kind man be cruel?


"Close your eyes and this time keep them closed!” Nick’s tone was still kind but had a no-nonsense firmness to it and Carrie didn’t even consider disobeying him. “Most women are,” he explained. “To a greater or lesser degree. But most are conditioned not to accept it and some...” he squeezed her hand again. “Some are just too immature to understand.”

“I’m not immature,” Carrie snapped but with a notably subdued voice. “I understand a lot!”

“A lot more since last night,” the older man said without irony. “Anyway. How do you feel about bikers? Do you know any?”

“No. What do you mean?”

“What emotions do you feel when you see a group of them?”

Carrie paused again. “I suppose, I can feel intimidated and sometimes a little scared.”

“Turned on?”

“Maybe,” she said coquettishly. “If they were handsome.”

“Okay then. I want you to imagine the roughest biker bar you can, in a bad part of town and filled with the biggest, strongest bikers you’ve ever seen.”

Carrie gulped. “Okay!”

“We’re standing outside and you are dressed for mid-summer in a tiny skirt that barely covers your firm little buttocks and a crop top.” He held her other hand. “We’re going inside!”

He was silent for a few moments to let her imagination run wild, smiling over at the waitress clearing the next table who had sent a concerned glance in their direction. “Now then. We’ve found a corner of the crowded bar and every set of eyes is on your body, male and female. What do you think they are thinking?”

“What a whore, coming in here dressed like that, with a man old enough to be her dad...?”

“No, Carrie,” Nick’s voice lowered a tone. “They are all wondering exactly what you’d look like, naked, while they took you. And they are all considering how they can find out."

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