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Going Home

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The stars of the first two books in Emily Josephine’s “Texas Hearts” series meet in this third book, in the most unlikely of places – the bush of Zimbabwe.

Rosa and George honeymoon in his home country, and there she can no longer hide the secret that she has kept from him for fear that he would not want her once he found it out.

Her heart breaking at his angry reaction, she flees from the village where their friends act as missionaries. At the same time, her nephew, Nashe, a city boy who knows nothing about survival in the bush, has gotten lost outside the village.

When George realizes that he has caused his new wife to run away, he begins to fear for her life. Will he and his new friends find Rosa and Nashe before the dangers of the bush do?

[FULL LENGTH NOVEL, about 240 pages.]


“Emily puts the romance back in romance.”


“Great story!”

“I look forward to reading more from this author.”

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