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The Storm Fishers and Other Stories

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This is a collection of short stories and one novella. All are science fiction set in a world called 'The Apostrophe Universe.'

Gravity before Newton
This is the story of a man named Futter who dreams of becoming a scientist yet is thwarted at every turn by real life. One day when working in his professional garage he is hit on the head with a lug nut and has an epiphany about the science of fate. As he calls it, Fate before Futter is like Gravity before Newton. It existed, but took a unique mind and a knock on the head by an apple to bring the science to the world. His plan goes disastrously wrong costing him everything.

A View Without Seasons
This is the story of a man raising his young daughter by himself. Her mother has taken a job on another ship and is doing important scientific work that will change all of humanity forever. Yet when the man hears that his ex-wife's vessel will dock with his on Christmas day, he takes the opportunity to have his family together and to celebrate the antiquated holiday in the old fashioned way. It is a look at Christmas from the point of view of a society that has moved beyond Earth and faith.

Lomonosov's Drift
When a geologist finds a beautiful rock while mining for solid methane he takes it back to his wife. When she hosts a party for potential clients of her engineering firm some clients begin to believe the rock has supernatural healing powers and should be shared with the entire ship. When the couple disagree with the consensus of the ship they are forced to leave, heading out into the void alone.

The Storm Fishers
The novella that gave the book its title. This is the story of two young men who attend Faraday University on Mars and are assigned to different places on the spaceship for their intern year. One a brilliant physicist the other a struggling mathematician, they drift in opposite directions until they discover the injustice in the system of space travel that the solar system uses. Together, and with new friends, they set out to regain what is theirs both physically and legally.

Sheep Bite
When a man is convicted of unethical science he is condemned to die, his wife, a geneticist, takes a sample of his DNA to produce a clone of him that will help her raise their son. When the ship she works on discovers what she has done disaster strikes and all of their lives are changed forever.

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