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Beyond the Shadows (Twins of Aurora, #3)

258 pages3 hours


Shadows are never far from light.

With Aurora’s leaders firmly in control, there was no better time for Nick and Jess to venture off and experience college life. However, shadows dwell and darkness finds Aurora once more.

While back in the human world, enjoying the successful conclusion of their freshman year of college, Nick and Jess head out to celebrate, only to find one of Aurora’s leaders searching them out with news of a dark new world back home. With the fates of the twins and many other loved ones unknown, Nick and Jess head back to Aurora and all the elemental magic that balance it, only to find a world suspended in time with new mythological creatures reaching beyond a veil that was long ago forged to keep those inhabiting Aurora safe and protected.

On this final epic journey, Nick and Jess must rely on and work together to save their friends and family from what has reached beyond the veil to shadow all they had fought to save only a year ago. 

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