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Temptation 301 (The Reluctant Devils, #3)

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BOILWORT STOOD STOICALLY as the devils crowded into the great Hall of Learning. Scorndob and Angrielle glared at the master tempter in guarded anticipation. They were just as surprised as I was that we had been invited to participate in advanced studies. I wondered what that meant. Boilwort moved closer to the edge of the podium. Everyone braced themselves for the thunder of his voice….. “The curriculum for this course will include a discussion of what to do with Repentance; how to handle the man who wants to side with the enemy.

“We will also be talking about children, as I’m sure you have noticed that you have no influence over them. You will find that in fact you do.

“There will be other topics, such as: extremes and the use of virtues, the power of defiance, the psychology of good will and….

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