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Temptation 201 (The Reluctant Devils, #2)

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We’re only human, or so we tell ourselves. Being human is often the go-to, catch-all reason for behavior we cannot otherwise explain or claim. Human nature is often given credit for both voluntary and involuntary choices we make. Is it possible that our nature is not as human as we suppose?....Can we rightfully fault our human side for our foolishness? Can we praise the human in us for our brilliance?...What would happen if the human part was at odds with that other being; or in harmony?

            Some of the most intense and painful battles that will ever rage are private and personal struggles….They are playgrounds for devils. Their games exploit the human factor of every battle, whether it is a minor skirmish or all out insurrection. Humans would do well to understand their nature at least as well as the devils do.

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