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The Noble of Normatan (The Chronicles of Gigania, #2)

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Haan put his seventeen year old daughter, Kishi, on the back of his trusted horse and sent her away to escape the invasion of the barbarians from Luerodan. Leaving her parents was the most difficult thing she had ever done. Without looking back, she rode all the way to the high plateau overlooking the valley of Normatan. Under the enchantment of the high mountain valley she is spared the horrors and cruelty gripping her world.

            Flynn Stalwarth was an ordinary boy; at least by all appearances. Destiny and magic combine to snatch him out of his world and land him in Kishi’s. Desperately he searches for a way back home and in the process he and Kishi develop a friendship that spans their worlds. Together they discover that he is the one foretold that will restore peace. He is torn between his own world and the love he has found in hers. He must choose.

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