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Consumed by the Infinite

194 pages3 hours


Rebecca Finner was desperate to know her past. But it might just get her killed.

On a distant island deep in the Pacific ocean lives a race of vampires who call themselves the Infinite. They are cruel, beautiful and immortal.

As a human, Rebecca knows first-hand how evil and villainous the Infinite can be. And yet, she can’t help but be fascinated by Lord Leander Marchant. Even though he’s an Infinite, he saved her life as a child and he isn’t like the others.

He’d never lose control.

But now Lord Marchant is in danger. His friends and enemies are plotting against him, desperate to leave their island prison. As Leander’s enemies close in, Rebecca must risk everything to save the monster she’s always loved.

This is the second book in bestselling author Caroline Hanson's newest series. With villains masquerading as hero's and dark twists around every corner, it's no surprise that Caroline's books have sold over 150,000 copies worldwide.

Please note this book has been revamped with a new cover and title by the publisher.

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