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Vampire Iniquity

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Fans of True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Interview with a Vampire enjoy the trills, action, and romantic drama of "Vampire Iniquity", Book One of the Tugurlan Chronicles.

When Dan's friend asks for his help in rescuing his fiancé from evil kidnappers, little does he know that he’d be suck into a sinister world of vampires, cannibalism, and human trafficking.
Captured by the vampires, Dan is crushed and beated as he'd forced to entertain them with a mock martial arts battle between him and an egotistical grandson of Dracula. Once free, he learns of his family’s legacy of being vampire slayers. After fetching his cousin to join them, they reenter the den of iniquity to rid the world of the evil doers. Will they succeed? Better yet... Will they all live to tell about it?

What Reviewers are saying about book one of the Tugurlan Chronicles...
"A fine blend of fantasy and reality, highly recommended" By Midwest Book Review

Usually those behind prostitution and human trafficking business are monsters,but in this case it's literal. "Vampire Iniquity" is a story of modern vampires.

The son of Count Dracula has for years been working on a way for his kind to build up resistance and immunity to the burning sun that so often ails them.
Their methods are far from morally right, as they set up their own breeding operation to use human DNA for their methods.But they happened to kidnap the wrong girl... "Vampire Iniquity" is a fine blend of fantasy and reality,highly recommended."

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