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Writing For Money: The Online Writer’s Path To A Full Time Income

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Life as a freelance writer should provide you with a profitable career. As a blog writer, novelist, copywriter or any kind of freelance writer, this book will show you the path to a full-time freelance income within a month.

I know as the book shows the path I carved to create a strong income when I left my full-time job in 2007. I often hear that it is a hard life as a freelance writer; only if you do not know where to look, how to pitch, or how to avoid those dreaded content mills.

By using my book, you will find sites paying up to $500 or more per article in any niche. Whether you are a specialist writer, in non-fiction or fiction, expect to create a freelance writing income within 30 days.

Past Reviews from my blog written by happy writers:

"I took a chance on this little ebook. I picked up an ongoing position as a paid columnist from one of the sites listed in the book the very first day I started perusing the recommendations."

 "I'm not even done with the book yet, because I keep letting myself check out links and sites mentioned in the book, but I already know that if I'd had this book, or one even remotely like it when I first started in my freelance writing career, I'd have an extremely healthy income stream and I'd probably be sitting on the verandah of my nice house sitting an ice cold drink with my laptop open and writing on my brand new 35-inch LCD screen."

 "Writing For Money: The Online Writer’s Path To A Full Time Income provides you with plenty of information about genuine content writing sites that will help you to earn a steady income, writing articles from home. If you are a good writer, you might even earn more than what you are earning from your 9-5 job, by following and making use of the leads provided in this e-book. "

" I have been continually reading Stephen's eBook and I guess my only problem is knowing where I need to get started. He did all of the hard work so we wouldn't have to. This book is chock full of information he laborously put together so others would have access. He took all of the guesswork out of it and made it easier to access what we need to be looking for. And he is using his LinkedIn group to continually update us on more information. For those of us who were fortunate enough to get a free copy of the book, feel lucky. Anyone else interested that might have to pay, it is more than worth the investment. Thanks for helping all of us, Stephen!"

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