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Inside the Mind of a National Treasure

Length: 117 pages1 hour


Inside the Mind of a National Treasure is a Sci-fi Adventure that might be described as the Big Bang Theory meets Bond, all rolled up into a Forest Gump story. Pulp adventure, Spock, or Indiana Jones fans would like the story.

The story chronicles the development of a boy from Middle America who evolves a sixth sense and becomes the center in efforts to solve a National and Global threat. The threat is a mass psychosis resulting from synthetic and natural telepathic forces on populations and targeted individuals. Charlie’s continual series of adventures include his roles in many of America’s most recent events. The Story starts with the Apollo era and Cuban Missile Crisis, and leads into September 11th, The 2008 Financial Crisis, and modern Military and Banking scenarios. The story connects these events with an underlying theme and closes with Charlie advancing into a new adventure aboard a modern Aircraft Carrier Task Force, and into the global stage. Charlie is recruited as a toddler from a partner of his father’s barber shop. The group he joins is an ancient order, guardians, called the Communicators. Their role is to protect society, and humanity, by an enhanced sixth sense combined with a telepathic-like character. These individuals are chronicled in helping solve the Cuban missile crisis, and this leads into Charlie’s senior roles in more recent crises.

Charlie’s life starts in Middle America and it follows him through university and a Ph.D. in sciences from a leading Ivy League style school. His character continually evolves as he tackles an escalating series of crises, with the escalation of his sixth sense powers. Charlie is trained by a series of mentors; each impart special knowledge to him. Topics range from Karate, Science, the Social Elite, and the Military. Charlie’s character is left one step away from a superhero X-Men and he remains someone a normal person could evolve into. Chapters 1-3 define Charlie’s roots, Chapters 3-8 start the adventure. The story is set in the coastal regions of San Francisco to St. Petersburg FL, with time spent in Rome and Manhattan; it runs about 27,000 words. There is light science as well as Bond style action and adventure.

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