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Blood on the Moon - Debby Feo

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Blood on the Moon

By Debby Feo

Published by Alban Lake Publishing at Smashwords

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Blood on the Moon is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Story copyright owned by Debby Feo

Cover illustration Gaius on the Moon by Teresa Tunaley

Cover design by Laura Givens

First Printing, January 2016

Alban Lake Publishing

P.O. Box 141

Colo, Iowa, 50056-0141 USA


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To my beloved husband John,

who supports me so that I can write.


There was nothing left on Earth to interest me. All animal life outside of the domed, military-protected wildlife preserves was infected. Dangerous wolves, feral dogs, and other carnivores roamed the countryside. Clean, safely-breathable air was all recycled. There was no reason for me to stay!

I bought my own shuttle, which was much smaller than the ones used by NASA (and much bigger than the cramped Apollo Command Modules, where the astronauts had to sit shoulder to shoulder). My shuttle included modifications so that it could not only land back on Earth, it could also land on the Moon; but I had no intention of ever returning to Earth! I was going to become an underdome dweller, on the Moon. As a Blood Drinker, I had to follow the animal life. On the Moon, all life existed underdome or underground.

Armageddon had come and gone. The Mayans were correct; the End (well, actually the beginning of the End) was in 2012 – December 21, 2012 to be exact! The mortals, if not killed immediately by atomic bombs, were definitely not out of danger. Many died slowly from radiation poison. Other victims were killed or incapacitated (nerve damage, seizures, gastrointestinal problems, burns, etc.) by chemicals weapons (i.e. mustard gas) or by biological warfare (toxins/select agents, germs, viruses, and fungi). Even insects, birds, and animals were used to help spread diseases among the world’s population! Further destruction was caused by defoliants (such as Agent Orange), and incendiary devices (such as napalm).

Basically, each country (regardless of whether or not they had previously signed agreements to not use them) launched whatever types of weapons they had on hand, to inflict as much damage as possible on their enemies. It mattered little who was responsible for the various acts of war, in the end, each country committed numerous atrocities!

When all the bombs had been deployed, and the many seriously injured had died, an eerie silence reigned over many of the big cities of the Earth, broken only by an occasional cry of pain or for help. Parts of the Earth were very dark, as dangerous, radioactive, dust clouds started blocking out the Sun.

The total damage done, all over the world, was inestimable; and continued to mount as unexploded bombs turned up, or chemicals washed ashore. Children, and even unsuspecting adults, caused explosions, or the release of toxins, while examining strange-looking objects they had found.

Radiation made its way into the food chain! Tainted fish and fruit, diseased animals, and ruined crops caused food shortages. Babies started being born with deformities and/or genetic defects. New trees and plants grew up stunted and twisted. Destroyed roads and bridges limited automobile travel, assuming there was any gas to be found (or electricity to pump it). Causality numbers were only educated guesses, as many of the government officials who kept track of numbers, such as loss of life, were themselves victims. Chaos was the order of the day (and night)! All trust in the basic goodness of other people was gone. The violence had been overwhelming!

(I do not even want to think of all the ongoing research projects, priceless books and historical artifacts physically lost, because of bombed museums and universities!)

Years passed, before some areas even started to recover! Fortunately, some very good leaders came on the scene. These men (and women) took up the challenges presented in the post-Armageddon world. Many realized that cooperation among survivors meant quicker recovery.

The only way to ensure clean (toxin-free) air was to construct domes, such as had been envisioned for colonies on the Moon. Work quickly began, where there were sufficient funds, or goods to barter. Air to be circulated in the domes would have to go thru multiple filters, in order to take out impurities. Security for the dome dwellers was essential, to protect their health, their property and their investments. Only the wealthy could afford to live in domes. The rest of the people had to make the best of whatever they had, wherever they found themselves!

When Dome Technology became advanced enough, the very rich started to relocate to hastily built settlements on the Moon. However, lives were also lost on the Moon, because of all the haste – corners had been cut, sometimes severely, definitely dangerously! There was also little time to field-test prototypes of the machinery that was quickly adapted for usage on the Moon. Despite such setbacks, some former Earthlings no longer wanted to stay where they were, and they were desperate to leave. As the colonists spread out around the Moon, even the Far Side was subject to new inhabitants.

It turned out that the mysterious Dark Side of the Moon was hiding life, but it was not humanoid. The mammalian life on the Moon most closely resembles monkeys, but with claws used for digging. The animals’ long tails are used to scoop out the dust that is dug as the moonkeys (the popular name for them, not the scientific one) dug their tunnels, in search of food or shelter. The moonkeys subsisted on tiny worms found in air pockets in the soil. Over time, the moonkeys had learned to carefully use the worms, the staple of their diet. The orange worms that the moonkeys eat are very small, but live in colonies with up to a thousand members! The worms live on bacteria that they find in the cracks of the rocks that make up the crust of the Moon.

I was after the blood of the moonkeys. I am a vampire! Almost 2000 years ago, I made a vow, to my adopted mother, to no longer drink the blood of humans. I have managed to keep this vow, for the majority of my long life! In my opinion, the blood of moonkeys tastes even sweeter than human blood! In addition, the blood from one moonkey keeps me satisfied for an entire Earth week. Since the moonkeys live underground on the Moon, they are a safer source of the blood I need in order to survive.

As I mentioned, all remaining useful animals on Earth - that were not poisoned with radiation, or infectious diseases - were kept in very secure military preserves. All were tagged with locator/health chips. No death went unnoticed. No loss of weight, however minuscule, was overlooked. Never did any stress to the animals go uncharted. I could not risk getting blood from any of those protected animals!

Morphing into a bat (one of the abilities I possess as a vampire), to enter a preserve, was not an option. There were no winged mammals or many birds left on Earth; no bats (morphed vampires or otherwise) flew out of caves at sunset. All had been destroyed. Even flying insects had all but been eliminated! The culling of remaining flying creatures had begun soon after the dirty bombs started dropping on 12/21/12, and continued for several decades. The resulting lack of flying pollinators, of course, affected the regrowth of plant life, which added to hunger problems.

Living on Earth is now unhealthy, except underdome, where climate and air quality can be controlled. Even the Earth’s seas, have been poisoned! Fresh water has become a much-valued commodity, one worth killing for! Milk is suspect because the grass the animals eat taints the milk from cows, or other herbivores. The actual ground people walk on is radioactive! If not from dust that fell from the air, soil was also contaminated by groundwater.

Fortunately, I have money – more than I can ever use! Well-placed bribes bought me needed animal blood for a while; but the price had continually risen, as the total number of animals on Earth decreased.

I was relieved to leave the planet of my birth. After nearly two millennium, I had truly seen it all! I was alone – all of my family had perished on, or soon after, 12/21/12.

On the Moon (about 240,000 miles from Earth), under my dome, I had everything that I needed, including access to a moonkey entrance tunnel. My cover was that I was a lunar zoologist, studying the effects of Man’s arrival, as settlers, on the Moon. The cover story was not really necessary; most transplants to the Moon were used to solitude, and to minding their own business. For the most part, no one cared what happened underdome, as long as the appropriate taxes and fees were paid to the proper officials.

I enjoy my privacy and my solitude. I am not the same vampire who was born in first century Rome. Perhaps the best word to describe me now is bitter!