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Heart of the Vampire Queen (Alphas of the Underworld, #2)

Length: 161 pages2 hours


A Passionate Vampire and Shifter Romance that will awaken your senses! Join the Vampire Queen and the Alpha Wolf in their world filled with love, war, and passion!

After the death of her brother, Charlie accepted her birthright to be queen of her clan. Barely having time to mourn and warm up to her throne, several issues challenged her new reign. For one, a wolf community wants to reclaim the territory where Charlie’s clan now resides. Their alpha, Greyson, wants to battle, but Charlie wants to broker a treaty between the two clans and peacefully co-exist. Upon battling the beautiful vampire queen, Greyson wants more than an alliance. He wants the queen. With laws against mating with another species in bother their clans, how can Greyson win her heart? 

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