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Ripples In the Lake of Eternity

Length: 233 pages4 hours


The aim of this book is to act as a stand-alone guide to, and practices for, realizing and loving the Source (Pure Consciousness)and is composed of new articles and replies to questions since the publication of 'The Simplicity of Awakening'. The thrust of the book is that the initial awakening which reveals that, in essence, we are Pure Awareness is very simple to obtain. This needs to be established by repeated awakenings due to the natural tendency to ‘nod off’ and re-identify oneself as a separate object in a universe of separate objects. When one is awake then anxiety and unnecessary mental suffering disappear, for these are caused by misidentification which causes us to see the world through a murky filter of self-interest,-concern,-promotion,-aggrandizement,-loathing, the list is almost endless. It is this that causes the anxiety and mental suffering based on concern for the future and feeling we are bound by the past. The book also contains practices for developing and feeling love for the Absolute.

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