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The Sun That Lives Downtown and Other Stories

Length: 158 pages2 hours


This is a short book about the emotions we experience throughout life. Love, loss, war, religion, nature, something we all can relate to; real life situations. Combining 56 short writings/poems, a short story, plus another 19 short writings/poems I've included while deciding what to do with this. The purpose of releasing this is so I can try and help people with these stories. Relating to these stories maybe they can get through the hardships they face.
"The Sun That Lives Downtown" is a short story about Dennis, a Vietnam veteran, how his life is after the war and moving back to his hometown in Vermont. A town that's not use to seeing visitors, he meets a mysterious stranger, throughout the story their tales are unveiled. The tragedies that they've both been apart of to how their lives are now. His ordinary life is transformed into something he could never imagine.

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