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That Nevada Girl

Length: 274 pages3 hours


Kit Walker, only daughter of the mighty Walkers of Jake's Valley, is a spitfire. Beautiful and bold, she runs a horse breeding and buying business with her father. She goes through men like tissue paper and is nowhere close to settling down. With a lull in her business, Kit goes on vacation to Taos, New Mexico to visit and relax with cousins Joey and Anna Johnson (Rancher's Christmas). But it's not as relaxing as she thought it would be. She meets Rich Reed, a wild horse advocate, who gets her involved. He's beginning to stoke the fires of a relationship with her when ex-beau Trace Sadler shows up unexpectedly. Her plate becomes full with a burglary, wild horses and two men showing a keen interest in her. Her relaxing vacation is now a sprint to the finish line and the eventful trip home to Nevada proves it.

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