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Programed for Love

Length: 298 pages4 hours


Can a straight man be turned gay? One scientist thinks so and he doesn't care who dies to prove it.

Ex PI and cop Tommy Case has a new sailboat, NOMORR II. Soon he's sailing off into the sunset and nothing's going to stop him. Except maybe a call for help from his ex-wife Bonnie who's about to be arrested for murdering her husband, the man she left Tommy for.

Tommy still holds a grudge against her, nevertheless, he agrees to “look into it” because he mostly believes she'd innocent. His investigation spans the high and low of Orange County, California social elite. It becomes personal when he is attacked and injected with something that may reverse his sexual preference. Several other men have died in this experiment. Tommy's told there is an antidote, if he lets Bonnie be convicted.

Tommy's girlfriend, Lucy, a former call girl, won't let him be changed. Friends - Lucy, Wash, a millionaire marina owner, Fumio, a high-tech geek, and DEX 4, a robot with a DNA/silicone artificial intelligence brain, help Tommy with in depth internet search, computer hacking, B&E, lying to the police, and boat theft. A high speed boat chase into Mexican waters brings justice, leaving Tommy one big question – Will Lucy sail away with him?

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