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Nine to Wine: Pihu’s Diary

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Pihu's life is an open book.Her journey from age nine to the time she has her first sip of wine is chronicled through fifty poems and commentaries on her life. Split up into three sections, this book chronicles the first phase, when Pihu is nine; the second, when she is a teenager; and the third, when she transitions into adulthood.
Pihu’s journey through life is essayed against the backdrop of the streets of Delhi. As she blossoms into a young woman from a little girl, Pihu lives her life on her own terms, and comes to understand that life is so much more than just the people around her. She embarks on a voyage of self-discovery, and faces everything from incomparable happiness to the pain of a heartbreak, from the myriad ways of the business world and the competitive rat-race, to simply following her dreams on a whim.
The poems are interspersed with a simple and light narrative that takes the reader on a journey with Pihu's life and its many trials and tribulations. These poems, albeit in verse, are thoroughly relatable narratives.Each poem helps you reconnect with your inner self, through relatable experiences narrated in Pihu's own words.

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