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Green With Greed

150 pages2 hours


A weekend gathering has been called at Trina, Gaz and Michael’s house so they can make a life changing announcement to the national’s leaders. When Trina’s lost twin sister Lilly arrives with a friend, things don’t exactly go as planned. Lilly is greedy for the things her sister possesses—the big house, the money, and her amazing men. She soon discovers Trina’s glorious life is hiding the ghosts from her past.

Gaz’s older brother Raz’s life has fallen apart and he is trying to rebuild it by the good graces of Gaz. The initial spark between Lilly and Raz is obvious, but it is quickly extinguished as Raz’s former best friend Mitch makes an appearance. Raz has his own secrets with his neighbor Cam, and although he lives with multiple bi-sexual males, he is reluctant to admit he is one of them.

As the weekend progresses, it seems all things will end happily, but there is trouble brewing in paradise and it is about to overflow into disaster.

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