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The Power of Publishing to Promote More Business

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Unleash the power of publishing eBooks and trade paperbacks about your business and leveraging distribution to add revenue, increase ROI, raise profit margins and prospect new customers to enhance your company's bottom line overall. Discover how to create the ultimate business card in 30 days to build your brand with Increased authority and enhanced credibility with your clients and customers.
Although there are more than 300K books published in the United States every year, and though there is a torrent of horrid, useless dreck flooding self-publishing platforms and printed and electronic book distribution venues, now is the best time to publish a book in order to promote your business, generate more customers and adding increased value to your current client base with commercially published material, viz., print-on-demand paperbacks and eBooks.
Consider the 5 Ps of Self-Publishing:

1. Promote yourself & your unique brand through a trusted communications medium.
2. Position yourself as an expert in your field.
3. Provide your audience added value with a resource they can reference again and again.
4. Profit financially through book sales in online stores.
5. Pursue new markets through a broadened reach.

Here are the benefits of publishing a book to promote your business:

1. Boost authority in your field of expertise.
2. Add value with great content to your existing client base.
3. Generate more online traffic to your website from readers of your book.
4. Increase credibility with potential clients and customers.
5. Treat yourself and your employees to a raise because of added revenue from more business.
And much, Much More!

Here's the thing...
If you're a business owner, you're already an expert on your industry. You know what you're talking about. You've probably written an abundance of content on topics within your field of expertise and you're in touch with your audience. Really, this is all you need to be able to write a book for your business.
Don't put it off a moment longer. Add value to your existing database with a book with which they will boast to their friends; and this book will show you how to get it written in just 30 days. Grab your copy right now!

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