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Adele From Scratch

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Adele, a wife and mother of two teenagers, is limping along in a stale marriage when she discovers her wealthy attorney husband cheating with another woman. The moment causes her to face the fact that her marriage has been tipped over the brink and she files for divorce.
Done with New York City, she packs up her kids and moves back in with her parents, who live in Whiskey River, a small Texas town where everybody knows everybody else's business.
Moving back in with your parents as a middle-aged woman isn't easy for anybody - but for Adele it was more difficult than most. Her parents, Wesley and Ginnie, are two aging, pot smoking hippies who are frankly quite insane, and they lead their daughter into all kinds of difficulties and downright trouble.
After taking time to adapt to her new life, and failing at several local jobs, Adele decides to start her own business and opens a bistro-like cafe in the town. It is received well by most, but not all, of the community. But one of those opposed to the cafe, and Adele herself, is one of the most prominent citizens in town, who does all she can to ruin Adele and end her dream of success.
Add to that the town's odd, quirky characters, and a second chance at romance, this light-hearted tale explores love, friendship, good food and the riches one can receive through family and community.

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