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The Road Winding Among the Mountains: Story of an Epic Bicycle Journey to the Richtersveld Mountain Desert

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In the extreme north-western part of South Africa lies a hot, barren and inhospitable mountain desert region known as the Richtersveld. It stretches from about 29 degrees south to the Orange River in the north, and from the diamond-rich coastal strip along the Atlantic Ocean in the west to about 17 degrees 40 minutes east. Situated in the winter rainfall zone, the region has an annual rainfall that varies from less than 50 mm in the Orange River valley, to 300 mm on the mountains. Winter temperatures close to 0 degrees C, and summer temperatures in the upper thirties are common, although temperatures in the upper forties are not uncommon.

This book tells the story of a one-man journey on a mountain bike to that barren, inhospitable region. The journey started on 18 October 1993, and ended almost a month later on 15 November. During that time new places were discovered, new people were met and hardships were suffered in that harsh, unforgiving region. But most of all, the thrill of adventure was experienced almost every day.

The author starts his story by telling us how the idea of this adventure was born, then takes us along on his journey, day by day.

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