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Unread Biblical Themes: CHristian Traits, #3

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Unread Biblical Themes
(Volume 3 Christian Traits)
Just what are Christian traits?

An ego that contrasts to a sinner's. That's the major difference between Christian and a sinner!

Let's reveal the Christian's:

1. Character
2. Works
3. Beliefs & Rituals
The Christian story in history?

Early Christianity's past
What day of the week did Christ resurrect?
The Sign of Jonah?
God's Holy Days?
Christian Theology
What did Christ say that the Christian was to do?

The traits of a Christian may not be what you believe them to be?

The book briefly outline the traits, works, and character of Christians. The Christian man and woman are examined and described. Your expectations of them will be set.

Why Christians do what they do? The answer is because of their theology. Their belief and rituals compel them to be different while living in this world.

The obstacles to living up to the Christian potential is our own self. Other people and their perception of us, an finally supernatural beings.

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