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A Pirate’s Wife For Me

203 pages7 hours


Pirates – Romance - Adventure

As punishment for deceiving them, Anne McKinnon is taken prisoner by the pirates. “I will let you buy her back,” the pirate John Rackham offers to her father. A ransom deal is struck and her father has six months to travel to England, collect the money, and return to the Bahamas to rescue is daughter. Twirling his finger in Anne’s hair, the pirate snarls, “She will serve me, while I will wait for your return.” Working as the pirate’s cook, Anne will have to survive on her own; she has only her own wits to protect her now.

Anne knew that nothing would ever be the same when she and her father set sail from Scotland, bound for the New World. She knew that adventures awaited them on the voyage to Jamaica. However, being kidnapped, ransomed, and sold into slavery were not the adventures she had anticipated. And then, her vengeance is unleashed.

This story is one of a young woman’s coming of age as she experiences the romance and tribulations of the high seas in the early 18th century.

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