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Volume 2 Ancient Aliens: Unread Biblical Themes, #2

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Unread Biblical Themes
Have ancient aliens visited us in the past?

If true, how do we relate it to God?

Am I saying that God was or is an alien? Perhaps a being with superior technology than us who created and watched us for his own purposes! The gods of mankind past were merely space travelers who influenced us by their presence and technology. A premise from the ancient astronauts theory seeking proof and validation today. Try to keep an open mind as I dust off my Bibles and examine what is said about this topic. This author is interested in the encounters of the first kind, not the third kind.

1. Is God supernatural?
2. Does He Live out in the universe?
3. Will He come to earth?
4. Is man His design?
5. Is the ruler of this planet a supernatural being?
6. What if anything are we going to do about this information?

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