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Jason Willow 3: Carpe Diem

356 pages5 hours


Carpe Diem. Seize the day - relish every hour for you might not see tomorrow. These are words to live by when you hunt demons.

Jason Willow has finally learned to control most of his paranormal Gift but he is in more danger than ever. Desperate to save an equally powerful child from demonic possession, Jason is thrust into a running battle across Europe.

With loved ones sacrificing themselves to save him, Jason fights his way through such stunning locations as a storm-whipped lighthouse, an ancient Venetian enclave and a sprawling Goth festival seething with violence.

But staying alive in this world is just the beginning. Final salvation lies beyond anything Jason has ever faced before.

New and familiar characters join the frantic mix of teenage love, supernatural powers and martial arts action in this final epic instalment of the secret war against demonic control.

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