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Making Your Own Kind of Love: A Boxed Set of Four Erotic Paranormal Short Stories

65 pages58 minutes


Creating a Woman Can Be Tricky: An Erotic Paranormal Short StoryWhen a man cleans out some trash from underneath his house he finds an old book of spells. Then, he tries it out…

Cherry Lane & Her Ghost Lover, is about one modern woman who is able to call up a ghost from the past whenever she feels romantic. She likes being in control but knows there will come a time when he wants to be on top. When that point arrives, she will have a decision to make.

Ghost In My Bed, is about a woman who wakes up in bed in a strange location, sweating with fever. She sees the outline of a man as he comes closer and then welcomes him to her bed.

Ghost Sex In The US Virgin Islands, is a wry and steamy romance about how one woman copes with the appearance of a ghost in her bedroom, and his request, after she has moved to the US Virgin islands.

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