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Church Without Spot or Wrinkle

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Welcome to our “CHURCH WITHOUT SPOT OR WRINKLE DELIVERANCE MINISTRY” says Pastor Joshened as the church doors opened on the first Sunday. The Pastor began to talk and make everyone feel welcomed with words of love, peace, joy and kindness of our presence. He went into his sermon with the topic; “DONT LET NOTHING SEPARATE YOU FROM THE LOVE OF GOD,” Romans 8:38-39. Joshened preached like it was his last sermon, which, it is the beginning of a great means for the Lord. After his sermon Pastor Joshened opened the doors of the church, 38 people joined and gave their lives to the Lord... Please continue to read this book to find out what happened at the Church Without Spot or Wrinkle. This short story is designed to give you different perspective concerning the church.

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