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21 Weeks: Weeks 1-7

450 pages6 hours


21 weeks.
20 victims.
2 cops at odds.
1 serial killer.

Week 1

Beck Nash arrives in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide division with a shaky reputation and a lot to prove. Her first moments a disaster, she gets the chance to redeem herself with her first murder investigation and a sympathetic new partner.

Trying to adjust to the mold, and no idea how she’s going to adapt her questionable investigative techniques to her new position, Beck's only goal is to make it to week’s end. But as shocking as the first day of her first week in Homicide turns out, it will be nothing compared to her last.

Week 2

Recruited to help in the hunt for a serial killer who has gone without capture for forty years, Detective Beck Nash already finds herself at odds with veteran Mick Bishop, the original lead on the case. Instincts pulling her one way, Bishop’s experience takes them in another, and Beck will learn what it means to be the new blood on the team.

Meanwhile, at home, Beck’s brother has come to crash at her apartment under troubling circumstances, stirring demons from the past they would both rather forget.

Week 3

A man is found dead in the stairwell of a casino hotel. Stabbed multiple times. His wounds stuffed with casino chips. Investigation hindered by the hotel staff’s attempts to cover up the true nature of the crime, Detective Beck Nash must pull out a few tricks of her own as she tries to determine if the murder is the work of someone with a personal vendetta or a serial killer.

Week 4

When a young woman is strapped into the driver’s seat of her car and sent plummeting over a cliff in Red Rock Canyon, it’s up to Detective Beck Nash and her partner, Detective Kevin Williams, to prove, once and for all, their serial killer is practicing a new brand of torture.

Week 5

When a student is found murdered on the campus of a local high school, Nash and Williams must face off with their fellow detectives in pursuit of the truth, while Bishop is missing in action and Beck’s brother, Leo, is falling back into old habits.

Week 6

A woman’s body is found in a van at an auto salvage yard, her stomach cut open as if something has been ripped from within. Up to Nash, Williams, and Bishop to figure out the true nature of their victim’s torture, for Beck the case hits a little too close to home.

Week 7

Starting with a fight, Detective Beck Nash’s Monday gets no better as she is buried in paperwork, the serial killer’s latest victim is buried in sand, and the past refuses to stay buried.

21 Weeks is a fast-paced police procedural thriller series that ramps up in intensity with each victim that falls until its explosive final week.

Warning: This series is about a serial killer. There will be violence. There will be language. There will be other adult things. It is intended for a mature audience.

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