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The Book of James, A Commentary by Max Klein

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An example of Max Klein's commentary (from page 15):
James 1: 12 : “Happy is the believer who endures testing, for having become approved he shall receive the wreath of life, which He [the Lord] has promised to those who love Him [enduring devotion and respect for the Lord Jesus Christ].”

The greatest happiness comes to the believer who completes the spiritual life, because in doing so he obtains the happiness which God has designed for the mature believer. The happiness of spiritual maturity is a system of integrity and thinking, a happiness not dependent upon people or things, but related to loving God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Since the mature believer has both enduring devotion and respect for God, he has the power, the inner strength to handle any test or suffering in life. After the believer develops a personal love for Jesus Christ, he will receive his final test in life, then upon passing this test he will be approved by the Lord and receive “The Wreath of Life”. This decoration is awarded to invisible heroes for maximum production of divine good through the execution of the protocol plan of God, and through the fulfillment of his responsibilities related to his spiritual gift, his ambassadorship, and his royal priesthood. The Wreath of Life is awarded for consistent filling of the Holy Spirit, consistent perception of Bible doctrine, and consistent use of the problem-solving devices resulting in the completion of the spiritual life.

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