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Mutilated Dreams: Dreams and Reality, #10

256 pages4 hours


Tourists and natives trolling bars and the scenic places that make up the French Quarter are being hunted.  A mutilator intent on gathering trophies made up of swatches of skin laden with tattoos and scars is the hunter.  The victims, left drugged but alive, are unable to help the police with a description of the perpetrator.  With no clues and a serial criminal at large, the local police have no choice but to turn to the Serial Crimes Tracking Unit.

The Serial Crimes Tracking Unit, better known as SCTU, is used to dealing with dead bodies, so they are unsure their hunting skills will be useful.  While the perpetrator might fit a profile, the living are of little help.  After all, they don’t even remember being attacked.  Dealing with the living, especially those who have been victimized has never been a strong point of Aislinn Cain.  As Aislinn and her team go to work at solving this case, they find themselves in a race against the clock. It is only a matter of time before their serial mutilator escalates into a serial killer.

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