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Saving Serenity, Embracing Emily, Phillip, Hiilary & Donovan - The Complete Obsessed Exposed Series

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All four books Saving Serenity, Embracing Emily, Phillip, Hillary & Donovan are included in this bundle of the bestselling Obsessed Exposed Series.

Saving Serenity
Serenity Montgomery is the envy of women everywhere. Married to the Hottest Man in Dallas and living in the lap of luxury. But this former outsider wants more than to be the ideal trophy wife. Realizing the business she worked hard to build is about to fail, Serenity is faced with a tough decision. Turning to her husband will result in being forced to become the wife he had hoped she would be, but her options are limited.
Donovan Sellers has recently thrown away the bad boy image and taken over his father’s position at Sellers Finance, the bank for the wealthy and affluent. When he discovers Serenity is struggling to find funding for her business, he thinks he may just be able to help her and would love nothing more than to spite her husband, an old foe.
Will Serenity agree to deal with a past love to save her business or will the stakes be more than she’s willing to pay? After all- Once a bad boy, always a bad boy.

Embracing Emily
Emily Porter was born and raised in wealth, but the one thing she wants more than anything else cannot be bought. She has spent her life dreaming of the same man and as an adult she realizes it is time to chase her dreams. She got lucky when an opportunity landed right in her lap.
Phillip Montgomery was voted as the Hottest Man in Dallas and women everywhere longed to become his wife. Unfortunately the one that he chose wanted more than he was offering. When she leaves for a business trip that he feels is anything but business, Phillip is faced with a very tempting offer that he’s been avoiding for years.
Will Emily finally win the heart and body of the man she’s spent her entire life loving, or will Phillip remain loyal to the vows even though his wife is not?

Phillip Montgomery is dominating, controlling and sometimes downright mean. Born with everything anyone could ever want, the Hottest Man in Dallas faces a battle that he never expected to have. He learns that the woman he loves wants to leave him for the man he hates and that her little sister, a lifelong friend, is the only one that truly wants him.
As he prepares for a war he didn’t want to fight, Phillip has some choices to make. Will he decide the battle to win isn’t worth the cost or will the one he’s always loved be the only one he refuses to let go of?

Hillary David wanted to be heroine, but only for the woman of her dreams. She’d loved her best friend Serenity since they were in middle school on the wrong side of the tracks. That spawned her resorting to some devious methods to try and protect the friend that didn’t return her feelings.
Serenity Montgomery lived life as a people pleaser, but there was one person she had never been able to please. Her best friend Hillary had feelings that Serenity didn’t return.
Will Hillary be able to protect Serenity from the truth, or will a spark ignite that will make all the work she’d done so far come crashing down around them both?

Donovan Sellers has never had to want for anything, except the love of his life. He’s older, married and ditching the bad boy image to take over his father’s position at the bank. To help the woman he loves he succumbs to temptation and makes a drastic mistake that everyone around him finds out about and he’s fighting to protect because of secrets he’s not will

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