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Obsessed Exposed Hillary & Donovan (Obsessed Exposed Series, #4)

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Hillary David wanted to be heroine, but only for the woman of her dreams. She’d loved her best friend Serenity since they were in middle school on the wrong side of the tracks. That spawned her resorting to some devious methods to try and protect the friend that didn’t return her feelings.

Serenity Montgomery lived life as a people pleaser, but there was one person she had never been able to please. Her best friend Hillary had feelings that Serenity didn’t return. But as the men in her life turned their back and her sister began to kick her out of her life, that friend is the one person she will turn to.

Will Hillary be able to protect Serenity from the truth, or will a spark ignite that will make all the work she’d done so far come crashing down around them both?

Donovan Sellers has never had to want for anything, except the love of his life. He’s older, married and ditching the bad boy image to take over his father’s position at the bank. In an attempt to help the woman he loves he succumbs to temptation and makes a drastic mistake that everyone around him finds out about and he’s fighting to protect because of secrets he’s not willing to share.

Will the love of Serenity be enough to open up and risk it all, or will Donovan prove that bad boys never really change.        

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