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Colombian Connection (Missions of Jonathan Sullivan, #2)

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Colombian Connection
This story takes place mostly in the Colombian jungle and Panama. One of the squad has a family problem that is too much for one person to handle. When the squad is called on, they drop everything to help out.
Red (Jonathan) delays wedding planning with Veronica (Ronnie) and Scout (Sean) takes time off his hardware business and time with his wife to help a fellow team member.
Sam (Samantha) takes time from her business to reconnect with family. Solve a problem and see her mother that she has only talked with on the phone and hasn’t seen in more than six years. She also learns a surprising fact that will have an impact on her life.
Sarg (Kevin) has to close his one man charter business to lend his skills as a pilot to accomplish the mission. In doing so, he comes to a realization that will change his life forever.
The loyalty between these people is displayed by their willingness to answer when ever called, no matter what.
Life will never be the same for any of the squad. Life changes, no matter what you do. It changes!

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