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Creating EBooks is Like Winning a Lottery for Free (Short Read)

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I have researched the trends of the lottery systems for 30 years. I have never seen anyone win the lottery. I haven’t heard of anyone that I know win the lottery, yet I see people play everyday. People literally It seems like every month or so there happens to be a large lottery. When there aren’t winners for a game the jackpot rolls over until the next time, and then we spend more money. We make the jackpot bigger by playing more and the jackpot gets bigger then we play more then the backpack gets bigger and we play more. Then when someone has finally won, they end up mis-managing their money and wasting it because they have so much and little knowledge to know how to keep it.

People spend more money on the lottery than they do on books. In fact it is estimated that we spend over 70 billion dollars per year and the majority of us are poor. This short book will give you simple choices that will give you options on how to make investments in you that will be like hitting the lottery. I can show you and option that you can do for free and other ways to will show you how to acquire assets.

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