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Do You Take (Vampire Assassin League, #16)

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Do you take? Or do you give?

Lucien likes how things panned out. Likes it a lot. The sixteenth century had been hard. Surviving torture sessions by the Spanish Inquisition, even harder. Vampirism was a welcome choice. Now he’s master of VAL’s underground laboratory. It’s his world. Serene. Interesting. Solitary. And then, one morning, everything changes…

Ashley’s a thrill-seeker. Mile a minute. No holds barred. Every challenge accepted. So what if everyone thinks it’s a subconscious death-wish? It’s her life. Living it on the edge makes every moment count. But then someone really does want her dead...

The moment Ashley enters Lucien’s private sphere, the gloves come off. No time-outs. No referee. It’s man versus woman. XX versus XY. Untouched versus untouchable. Its raging hormones in an enclosed space. Combustible potions on every surface. Every word adds fuel. Every action ignites. And when they touch! This partnership needs a warning label…because they’ve got work to do. They need to find out who planned her murder.

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