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Offsetting Penalties: A PK Frazier Novel

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In this third installment of the exciting PK Frazier series of novels, the title character finds himself back in the place he’s most comfortable: The broadcast booth. But soon an old adversary surfaces that threatens to end his return to the sports casting world. What’s worse is that a complex scheme to disrupt one of the major sports leagues seems to be under way, but there is little information on the who, the what and the why. Join PK Frazier as he embarks on a quest to uncover the scandal, while also looking to keep his name from becoming associated with it.
Along the way, PK is spied on, lied to and even threatened with his life by people he thought he knew and could trust. Come along on his journey, both literal and figuratively, to find out what is happening and hopefully stop the perpetrators from accomplishing their goal. There is only one problem, and that is PK Frazier has no idea what is actually taking place and why.
But as usual, he's undaunted by such challenges and perseveres, sometimes with his erstwhile cohorts and other times on his own. Unfortunately, the distractions of possible romance, beautiful tropical locales and the prospect of playing on golf's senior tour continually get in PK's way.
You'll be mesmerized by the twists and turns, wondering what can happen next as PK Frazier fights to retain his career, reputation and even his very existence in "Offsetting Penalties - A PK Frazier Novel".

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