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Lost to You

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Phillip Lawton has never been good at dealing with the bad things in his life, and for years he’s opted to self-medicate over having to face anything tough. With a childhood that was less than joyful and only a few people in life that actually care about him, he’s never had much to live for. But when his addiction takes over and starts to threaten one of the only good things in his life – his place in Westside – he knows he needs to get sober and stay that way. Regardless of how much he didn’t seem to care about the band in the past, Westside means everything to him. But when you’ve been an addict for almost ten years, staying sober isn’t exactly an easy thing to achieve, especially when temptations are all around you.

Sabrina Tyler hit rock bottom a few years back, and it was a media spectacle. Just the fact that she was able to get sober, stay that way, and relaunch her music career is a miracle all on its own, but when she’s ask to be Phillip’s sponsor and help him stay clean during Westside’s six-month long tour, she questions whether that’s something she can do. Phillip isn’t exactly welcoming of Sabrina’s presence, and she can’t even tell if he’s even serious about getting sober. But tenacity has always been her strength, and she finds herself more determined than ever to get through to Phillip.

What Phillip and Sabrina don’t realize is they have more in common than they ever realized. They’ve both felt immeasurable loss, they’ve both been hurt, and they both carry scars on their hearts that keep them guarded. Sometimes the one person you thought you didn’t need in your life becomes the one you rely on the most. But what happens when a girl who never thought she’d find love again falls for the boy she’s supposed to be helping, a boy who doesn’t think he’s even capable of love? Sabrina knows that Phillip isn’t the ideal guy for her, but she isn’t willing to accept that. She sees the good in him, she sees beyond the demons that haunt him, and all she can hope is that when he looks at her, he sees the same things.

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