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It's 1998 and someone is getting into the computer at General Automotive, the largest manufacturer in the World. Brad Stapleton VP keeps blocking the hacker, but somehow he keeps getting in. Brad thinks it's someone on the inside, someone with administrative privileges is helping. He suspects the financial manager, but he is known as a computer illiterate. Firewalls are beefed up, new security measures are taken, but still the hacker gets in. Eventually the break-ins cause a large loss of production due to parts being shipped to the wrong plant and Brad is fired. Criminal charges are brought forth. Brad starts his own business and still tries to determine who the hacker is. Eventually things come to light and Brad finds the hacker, but someone is still getting in. Will he find the hacker?

This story takes place in 1998 and later. when the Internet was new and Internet hacking was just getting started.
Other books by Richard Porter Ray Underground, Sail With the Devil, Improper Implant. If you post a review here, good or bad, I will give you a free book. Instructions are at the end of the book.

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