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101 Declarations Your Wife Needs To Hear From You: Effective Affirmations for Your Spouse

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Are you about to get divorced? Planning an escape out of the relationship? Before you do, use this strategy for just 14 days. If nothing works, then carry on with your plan.

Strategic affirmations and reassurance are extremely effective tools for reinforcing and changing core beliefs. Your beliefs play an important role in determining the depth of your relationships. For example, how you respond to your spouse when you feel encouraged by her is not the same as how you respond when you make guesses about whether she still loves you or not, or even worse, if your love for her has disappeared. What separates a happy marriage from a suffering one is not in luck, but in strategy!

101 Declarations Your Wife Needs to Hear from you, offers you a platform to intentionally build your marriage into one you desire and deserve. These easy to use affirmations will only make your home and marriage become a better place to be in.
How much attention does your wife want? She wants it all the time! What joy will it be for you when she feels loved and be reminded of it all the time! These declarations work tremendously well if you decide and go beyond just a bunch of nice words to your spouse.
If you will show and not just tell, you will go places you have never dreamed of in your marriage.

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