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Endeavors and Endgames: Black Bliss, #3

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Play to win. Play for keeps.

Edith Black champions those ideas. Victors venture for the prize and she prospers with perspective. She never loses sight of her priorities but likewise, she never forgets her truth. That’s what makes her. Her flare is fierce, frank, and frugal. In the concrete jungle where such flare is supplanted by fashion, truth tends to elude the elites. For Edith, business is booming albeit budding as she barely breaks even next to her competitors. But that can change under the influence of an investor. Too bad the one she pitches is a traditionalist who insists an independent woman is less admirable than radical.

As the old-school opportunity swims out of her sights, James Charles fades into view. The attraction is instantaneous, almost as raw as her resolve. But he isn’t keen to the confines of commitment—unlike his father who thinks he must become a family man in order to take on more of the family business. Lucky for him, Edith is a winning woman with no desire to land a leading man and his connections to her potential investor set some very lucrative stakes. James never counted on her raising them. Cast as his convenient counterpart, she seems content to play house since she knows the score. Edith enacts the plot but refuses to act upon the attraction. The distance is devastating but doable.  

If they brave the business of pleasure, can the victors truly enjoy the spoils?    

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